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Summers Pittman
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On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 8:48 AM, Summers Pittman ℝ <secondsun gmail com> wrote:
Summers Pittman
Phone:404 941 4698
Java is my crack.

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 8:03 AM, Toby Goodwin <toby paccrat org> wrote:
Hi Fred,

Have you tried cinammon? It's all the good bits of GNOME, but without the "users are idiots / Apple 

So I don't think the Gnome dev and UX team think we are idiots nor are
they Apple fanboying (fanbuoying?).  Over all the GNOME team has made
a lot of very cool unique decisions.  GOA is one of the killer
features I love and point to when people ask me my why Windows 8 was
so disappointing.  Extensions are a wonderful utility, looking glass
is allows for amazing inspection, and I LOVE the messaging and
notifications support.

I can even see what the team is trying to do with some of the more
recent changes.  The move of putting all of the confirmation and
action buttons in the menu chrome is very similar to the action bar
style concept of Android.  They are hilariously wrong and 30 years of
UX research, user training, and preferences stand against them of
course but I see where they are coming from.  The best we can do is
file bug reports, make blog posts, and give useful construct feedback
(or switch to cinnamon).
Actually I discovered I can also set run 'gsettings set
org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings      overrides
"{'Gtk/DialogsUseHeader':<0>}"' to fix the dialogs.

Thank you and apologies for the rant.

No problem. I had a very long and protracted rant at GNOME when F21 came out. (I actually opened a bug 
ticket against soundjuicer because I could not find the menu I needed - turned out it was there all along, 
just glued to the top of the wrong monitor.) I ought to turn that rant into a blog post, actually, because 
I think I made some good points.

Please do.  Even Unity is advertising they got rid of global app menus
FFS.  GNOME's cashew has got to go.  (Lets not even talk about the
awkwardness of having sloppy focus, multiple monitors, and needing to
move a window to the menu button to be able to keep focus ARGH!)


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