Re: How do I turn off the Update Checker?

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 11:38 AM, James Moe <jimoe sohnen-moe com> wrote:
Any one?


This has changed a bit recently. My answer only applies to GNOME 3.14, since that's what you're asking about.

GNOME Software checks for updates once per day. I think there is no way to disable this. After it checks for updates, it will download updates once per week, or immediately if there is a security update. Once the updates have been downloaded, it will notify you about the remaining updates.

In dconf-editor, navigate to and uncheck download-updates. I think that should prevent you from getting new notifications. You might still get notifications about the update that has already been prepared (not sure) which you might need to delete manually by removing /var/lib/PackageKit/prepared-update.

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