Alt-Esc (switch windows directly) needs improvement

One thing I liked about Gnome Classic was the ability to switch between
windows using Alt-Tab.

In Gnome 3, Alt-Tab switches between applications, not windows.  I'm not
that interested in switching between applications.

In Gnome 3, I can use Alt-Esc to switch between windows.  However, it is
very ugly.  It does not produce the beautiful "heads-up" display of
window icons as I press Alt-Esc.  Instead, it draws an unappealing thick
black outline of each window, and in the wrong place on the screen.  So,
I'm never really sure where I'm landing when I let go of the Alt-Esc.

I am not quibbling here over whether I have to press Alt-Esc or Alt-Tab
to switch directly between windows.  I could map Alt-Tab to that
function if I wanted, or I can just get used to Alt-Esc.

My complaint here is about how ugly the "switch windows" function
appears in Gnome 3.  Everything else in Gnome 3 is beautiful, why not this?

-- Patrick

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