Some things I think GNOME should improve

Yeah, maybe this is another e-mail of an user who wants to add his very own functionalities. Or maybe not. So let's see. I am going to explain why each of these points is good for the majority:

- Close button should be more accesible. I don't know where you could place it. Figure it out. Maybe next to the icon. Maybe a double click over the application's title (I like this one). But you shouldn't make people to click, look for "Exit", click again and repeat this whole proccess to close several windows. 

- The message tray. Is anoying that if you accidentaly move your mouse down too much, it brakes completely your workflow. Really. Why? I've noticed that in Gnome 3.7 now you have to "push it down". But it still happens in some situations. A hot corner would fix this.

- A dock (or something). Most used applications should be accesible from the desktop. I like minimalism. But not this way. It has to be functional. A smart dock which add most used apps would be very interesting.

- Application settings should be separated from the aplication. Most users use default settings (I don't). But practically all of us set the program once, and this function isn't used anymore. You like minimalism? Move the settings to another application ("Settings", being original) where you can set up each application. Keep the application to its minimum level.

- The same here for "Help".

- Empathy. You shouldn't choose from connected contacts and all mixed up. Sometimes you just want to know who is connected, and write something to someone that has an invisible status (or you want that he read it when he's connected). And "Invisible" status should be added to the top bar's user.

And that's all I can think right now. I really love the way GNOME looks. But I think sometimes functionality has been replaced by appearance. And I think too a good system should be functional, efficient, and improve productivity over all.

Thanks for your attention.

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