Re: Autostart programs and environment variables

Thank you, the "env" command solved it

Il 09/06/2013 19:33, Dylan McCall ha scritto:
The shorthand FOO=BAR COMMAND syntax is a feature in some shells, but it isn't used everywhere. The "Command" field for something in session properties (like the Exec property in a .desktop file) just doesn't expect fancy input like that :)

For this sort of thing, try the Unix env command. In this case, you can really just put "env " before what you are trying to enter and it will do what you want. It has some other handy features, but the gist of it is it runs a command after changing a particular environment variable.


On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 10:09 AM, Fabrizio Gennari <fabrizio ge tiscali it> wrote:
I have a program which needs a LD_PRELOAD to run, and I'd like to have
it autostarted every time the gnome-session starts.

So I ran gnome-session-properties and added the whole command line to
the Startup Applications as I would type it in a shell:

LD_PRELOAD=<lib> <absolute path of the program>

It does not start. The syntax of .desktop files seems not to have a
provision for environment variables (documentation of Exec key says
nothing about those), and the function g_shell_parse_argv() seems not to
take in account ENVVARIABLE=value on the command line, unlike a "real" shell.

Is there a way to solve the problem? Or should this be considered a bug
in gnome-session?


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