RE: problem after disconnecting external monitor

On Lenovo laptops, the selection of display output for external graphic output can also be adjusted using the 
fn+Fx key (usually F6, F7 or F8 - check the icon on your keys). As this is hardware rather than 
software-based, maybe 'disconnecting' the external monitor this way won't mess up your deskop settings. Have 
you tried this already?

Good luck
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Subject: problem after disconnecting external monitor

Using Fedora 17 on lenovo x120e laptop.
When I connect an external monitor, the monitor is recognized
automatically and works fine as I drag windows to and from it. My
problem is when I want to disconnect the external monitor. My desktop
display is skewed way to the left so that I only see a few of the icons.
(Using 'Have file manager handle desktop' from gnome-tweak-tool.)

There must be some way to do this, but I haven't found it. None of the
ff give me the desktop back properly:
-Use System Settings/Displays to turn off the external monitor before
-Unplug the external monitor before turning it off
-Turn off external monitor before unplugging.

Is there a procedure I'm missing? Or could this be a bug?


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