Re: A little black box

On Tue, 2013-02-26 at 12:15 -0700, James Moe wrote:
opensuse v12.2
linux v3.4.28-2.20-desktop x86_64
gnome 3.4.2
nvidia gt 470, nouveau driver
A little black box appears on the display screen; it shows on all
desktops. It is about 4px x 8px. 

It is that small and you can tell what it is?!?! :)

It shows at different places on the
screen after logging in. Sometimes it is in a location that is not
noticeable; other times it is in the center area. It sometimes
disappears, then reappears.

Has any one else seen this? Is there a cure?

Never seen it;  it sounds like a display artifact.  Possibly a driver

Adam Tauno Williams  GPG D95ED383
Systems Administrator, Python Developer, LPI / NCLA

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