When I upgraded from Fedora 17 to Fedora 18, scrollbars for me became almost unusable. The GTK Theme that GNOME by default installs omits the scrollbar-end arrowheads. and alters how the screen behaves when the user clicks in the scrollbar but outside of the slider.

I'm used to using a GUI (i.e., the scrollbar) to vertically move my view, whenever the amount of data exceeds window-height. Not having arrowheads on the scrollbar means I can no longer use a 'click' (in the arrowhead) to consistently move the view by just a "line" amount.

Much worse is the new default behavior when the user clicks in the non-slider portion of the scrollbar -- the view moves to the (proportional?) position within the data that corresponds to the position of the click within the scrollbar. I could always achieve that effect by __dragging__ the slider to that position within the scrollbar.

  PLEASE don't subvert __clicking__ so as to produce that same effect.

What I (and I expect other users as well) used a 'click' within the scrollbar for (without precise positioning) was to move the view CONSISTENTLY by one "screen" amount. [By that I mean that every time I 'click' like that, the view moves to the data __adjacent__ to what I was viewing before. No "gaps" occur to the material I am viewing - my new view "begins" from where the previous view "ends".]

With the Fedora 18 default Theme, using a GUI to consistently move my view by one "screen" amount is no longer practical - I would need to position my 'click' PRECISELY within the scrollbar, and even then would have no assurance that no "gap" occurred between my previous view and the current view. [And if I have my cursor in the window, why should I have to switch to the keyboard whenever I wanted to "page" my view of the data?]

Supposedly GNOME 3.6 scrollbars behave the same as GNOME 3.4 scrollbars. But I had no problems in Fedora 17 (GNOME 3.4) -- my scrollbar problems started when I installed Fedora 18 (GNOME 3.6). I've seen in Forums the recommendation to use a different GTK Theme - doing so ought to restore scrollbars to function as they previously did. But there seems to be a deficiency in the Fedora 18 GNOME Tweak tool - it offers only Default Theme and High Contrast Theme.

Removing the GUI "consistent paging" ability (when the user clicks anywhere within the scrollbar), by providing a different behavior by default, does not make the user's life easier.


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