Re: An introduction with a request

Hi Jesse,

On Tue, 2013-12-24 at 00:14 -0600, Jesse Krenzelok wrote:
All I want for Christmas, Gnome team, is a little status bar on the 
bottom of my Nautilus pane that tells me how much hard-drive space I 
have left.

It doesn't look like that exists (at the moment), but a question on shows a variety of methods for acheiving that:

There are lots of ways to find out how much hard disk space is

      * Disk Usage Analyzer
      * Terminal commands
      * System Monitor
      * Conky

or a number of other utilities.

But I don't think any of them are going to be as simple as checking
the status bar in a Nautilus window.

Obviously, none of them do what you want, but I would suggest using
conky which, if you're not aware, can display a bunch of
user-customisable information on your desktop. Back in my DeviantArt
days, I made a config file for it [0] that you can use if you want.

Thanks for the email and have a nice day,
Marco Scannadinari <m scannadinari co uk>


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