Re: How to make the sample application

(Just a quick note) is an automake file. From briefly glancing at it, it appears
to reference in the root of the gtk+ repo.

So perhaps the example applications aren't meant to be built separately,
and there's some way to build them all together.

Also, usually files are accompanied by files
and files (in which case you'd run ./; ./configure;
make; make install)

On 12/18/2013 11:29 AM, Ian Davidson wrote:
I am trying to learn GTK and I have copied all the files from
to my local drive.  I believe that this is the all the sources etc for
the 'Trivial Application' described at

What I don't see is any instructions as to how to compile the
application.  Seeing a, I thought that I could try 'make' -
but I could not find erros that there was no makefile found.

Advice would be very welcome.


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