Re: gnome-initial-setup creates users in wheel group ! system hacked ?


  Possibly first time setup ( for new installs) . I don't have immediate access to a fedora box. These can be restricted via policykit afaik.


On 4 Dec 2013 13:56, "Jehan Procaccia" <jehan procaccia tem-tsp eu> wrote:
I use about a hundred fedora19 stations in computer labs at our school
users accounts comes from an ldap directory and the homedir is automounted via NFS.
However, recently I noticed that on some stations, local user account had been created !
looking at the log file, I discovered in /var/log/secure  something like this:

accounts-daemon: request by system-bus-name ::1.733 [/usr/libexec/gnome-initial-setup pid:15259 uid:991]: create user 'foobar'
useradd[29724]: new group: name=foobar, GID=1001
secure-20131117:Nov 15 17:16:43 b3-4 useradd[29724]: new user: name=susana, UID=1001, GID=1001, home=/home/susana, shell=/bin/bash
secure-20131117:Nov 15 17:16:43 b3-4 useradd[29724]: add 'susana' to group 'wheel'
secure-20131117:Nov 15 17:16:43 b3-4 useradd[29724]: add 'susana' to shadow group 'wheel'

Scary ! how comes gnome-initial-setup could create users, and morever add them to the wheel group !
could it be a bug in gnome-initial-setup , a feature side effect ? or our students found a "back door" ?
any suggestion greatly appreciated .

Thanks .

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