Post install customization

Dear all,

I managed to edit menu items by hand and I liked that kind of exercise.

Now, I did yum remove gnome-online-accounts but the item "Online Accounts" is still appearing in the user menu on the right side of the gnome panel when you click the quick-quit button. I thought a little and did (with intent to hide the "Online Accounts" using already installed extension that works with the user menu):

cd ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/Shut_Down_Menu rmy pobox com/
vim extension.js

Then I found in the code these lines and added the commented code:

    fakeUpdateSuspendOrPowerOff = function() {
        this._haveSuspend = false;
        this._suspendOrPowerOffItem.updateText(_f("Shut Down..."), null);
//      this._haveOnlineAccounts = false;
//      this._onlineAccountsItem.updateText("Online Accounts2", null);
//      this._onlineAccountsItem = null;

But when I restart the shell (Alt-F2-r) the Online Accounts item does not disappear.

The problem is that I do not know which properties has this object and so maybe I'm wrong with guessing names (I also tried _haveAccounts and _accounts).

Could you please help me in removing the "Online Accounts" from the user menu?

With love.


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