[help]desktop lanucher doesn't work when login as a non-root user

Hi Guys:
I am using Suse Linux (sles10sp4 ) , and met a strange issue.
Now there is a same launcher “firefox.desktop” in root user’s desktop directory and non-root user’s .
when login as a non-root user , double-click any desktop launchers for example: firefox.desktop  , It doesn’t work .
but I login as root , double-click the desktop launcher can work normally,
sles10sp4:/usr/share/doc/packages/eel # rpm -q nautilus
I found when I login as a non-root user , single-click the desktop launcher, ~/.xsession-errors report :
I/O error :permission denied.
right-click the desktop launcher, show the filetype:text , and Mimetype is text  too.
when I new add a user , and swith to the new user, the issue still existed.
now, how I find which file ‘s permission is wrong ? It seems  a permission question, but
-rw-r--r--  1 nmsuser users 3236 2011-02-16 02:19 MozillaFirefox.desktop
shows normally.
How will I trouble-shooting the issue?

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