Looking for help in building gtk+2

    Hope this works.
    I am taking the first steps to building firefox which requires gtk+2.
    I have downloaded the prerequisite for gtk+2.
    I guess the first thing I have to build is glib2.
    I am currently stuck trying to build gio/gfile.c.
I have encountered two problems.
        1) undefined symbols:
        2) undefined function:
            result = splice (fd_in, off_in, fd_out, off_out, len,
    I think I solved item 1:
         typedef long long       __kernel_loff_t;
         typedef __kernel_loff_t         loff_t;
        (Not sure this actually fixes the problem because the symbols
are supposed
          to be in a types.h file; but they are not in any of the
types.h files in  my system.)
    Item 2 is a different problem.  I have been informed that splice
and the associated variable SPLICE_F_MORE are Linux kernel extensions.

    My environemnt:
        IBM pSeries 520 (8203-E4A) running AIX 6.1
        c compiler: gcc 4.7.2

    My questions:
        1)  Has anyone compile glib-2, gtk+2 on an IBM AIX system?
        2)  Is there a solution to my splice problem?


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