Re: gnome3 switching to gnome2

> (a) it means you are in GNOME3, not GNOME2, just not  in GNOME Shell


> This is really unusual in recent versions of GNOME.  What is your GNOME
> version?

#gnome-shell --version
GNOME Shell 3.4.2

> GNOME3 used to go into fallback if it detected unaccelerated video, but
> GNOME 3.6 has software acceleration [llvmpipe] which makes Shell work on
> the vast majority of hardware.

i use latest version of any programs on the computer because i make
software upgrade frequently. I dont know what you mean about unaccelerated
video, but before last upgrade i logged to gnome shell without problem.
So where i can look why i can not log in to my gnome shell?

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