Re: [gnome-screenshot] How to change target directory?

On Sun, 2012-05-27 at 18:49 +0300, Sophoklis Goumas wrote:
> I would like to know how one could change the directory
> where gnome-screenshot places files. I'm running Gnome version: 3.4.2.
> As for now, it uses the XDG_PICTURES_DIR
> which is found in the ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs.

+1 I'd also like to change this value, but have been unable to discover
any relevant setting.

> I have tried locating a relevant key/value with the help of
> gconf-editor with no luck.
> However, by using dconf-editor, I did found a relevant key,
> namely: last-save-directory in: org.gnome.gnome-screenshot
> already pointing to my desktop but obviously this gets ignored
> Any ideas/hints?

If you discover anything please remember to post it back to the list.

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