Multihead strangeness

I have a Dell laptop with one of those dual video chips in it (Intel and ATI) and I normally run the fglrx driver for Xorg and Debian GNU/Linux unstable. This computer has a VGA port for connecting an external monitor, and when I connect a monitor to the port, I get a nice dual-headed display which I can configure through the gnome tool. However, it will often spontaneously change the configuration, most often to "mirrored" or sometimes it will turn one or the other display off. Sometimes, it will cycle rapidly through the options until it settles on one which could be any one of the four options. This seems to be often related to striking keys on the keyboard or moving the mouse but I have observed that it has happened when the computer is untouched.

Although I have observed that that it occurs with the fglrx driver, it also happens with the Intel driver, so I don't think it's an Xorg driver thing. Since I don't know what to make of this, I'm starting here and asking if anyone knows how to proceed. I am, of course, able to answer whatever questions you may have.

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