Re: Anti-Evolution rant.


On Sun, 2011-03-20 at 14:19 -0400, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> Just getting some stuff about the Evolution program off my chest.  If I
> can get some suggestions along the way that would be a bonus.
I have received some suggestions to try Thunderbird off list.  I tried
Thunderbird several years ago.  It didn't do what I wanted then but I am
going to give it another try.

I realize this is about old stuff -- printed paper forms -- and
therefore I am unlikely to find what I want.  That is why I stuck with M
$ Outlook so long after dumping everything else Windows. 

Regards Bill
Fedora 14, Gnome 2.32
Evo.2.32, Emacs 23.2.1

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