Re: gnome-terminal: How can I automatically set environment variables in new started tab of gnome-terminal( tcsh )?

tis 2011-03-08 klockan 20:35 +0100 skrev Jürgen Schöneberg:
> Hello!
> I want to start gnome-terminal with tcsh end setting automatically
> environment variables defined in a file.
> e.g  tcsh.env:
> # tcsh.env
> #
> setenv MY_VAR hello
> #
> # end

1 You can create different profiles in gnome-terminal for different 
stuff. For example i have a number of profiles who is simply a wraper
around ssh and there the sshd on the other side is instructed to run 
for example sudo with a certain command for example 'apt-get update'

2. In the configuration dialog for a profile exist an item:
'Run command as an login shell' (i think the wording is like this in

3. Read the manual page for tcsh(1) ! Including the part about
'-Dname[=value]'. Wrong of me :-) ... I don't think you know what
Domain/OS was and is. ;-)

4. You can tell tcsh to NOT load its standard startup-files
(/etc/csh.cshrc and so on) with the flag '-f'  eg 'fast startup'

  For example 'tcsh -fib ~/filetoload'

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