No Nautilus Side Panel (F9) in just one Fedora 14 install

I have three systems running Fedora 14. The most recent is my notebook, and that is the one with the Nautilus problem.

On any system I had had for years, one of the first things I do is to change Nautilus startup. I start it, go into Edit -> Preferences, select List View, 'Open each folder in its own Window' (which seems to result with the behaviour I want that when I click on a folder, it does NOT open a new folder), and 'Include Delete command that bypasses Trash'.

I then close Nautilus and restart it to check things out.

Now I DON'T believe I did anything else this time, but I no longer have the Side Panel to view the directory tree, or the location line to get the directory listing, just the main window of the files and directories of where it is looking. The View pull down does NOT offer F9 to open the side panel.

So I thought this is a config problem and I found a directory ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus, I renamed this and opened Nautilus with the same view problems.

So where is my problem, some global config file? If I open a terminal window, su -, the run nautilus, I get the same viewing problem as root.

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