Re: How can I create a filetype association that uses the filename's extension?

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 22:31 +0100, Sietse Brouwer wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have several kinds of files that Gnome detects as "plain text
> documents": some with the extension .py, some with .txt, some with
> .mht . . . you get the picture. The .py files I'd like to open with
> gVim, the .txt files in SciTE, the .mht files with Opera, et cetera.
> However, when I try to change the "Open WIth" of any of these file
> types [1], it changes for all plain text files. The behaviour I desire
> is that I can associate different programs to files with different
> extension.
> Is it possible to persuade Gnome to treat files with the same MIME
> type but different filename extensions separately?
> If yes, how?

It should, by default. The definitions for these are provided by
the package shared-mime-info. Do you have that package installed?

It sounds like GNOME wasn't installed quite correctly on your
machine. What distribution are you using?


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