Re: How do I get gnote configured to find my previous files?

Dne, 04. 01. 2011 04:20:12 je William Case napisal(a):
I have reinstalled Fedora 14.  All if my /home directory was backed up
on another disk.  I have copied (restored) the backup to my new /home.
Gnote doesn't see my gnotes.  They are important to me.  How do I
configure gnote to look in the right directory
--  /home/user/.local/share/gnote.

A symlink?
Or, alternatively, create a not in gnote to see where it stores its notes by default. Then, move your pre-existing notes there and start using the new location as default. Or, alternatively, dig around in gnote options to see where its default store path is defined, and edit it accordingly. I don't use gnote though, so this may not be viable?


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