Weather on Gnome 3.2.1

I am lost without my weather information!  :)

Back on Gnome 2 I had TWO weather "services". The first was a part of the user location applet on the panel. It also gave me a world clock and weather for ALL the locations I selected (well at least temp and basic weather event like cloudy or raining).

The other was GoodWeather that had an easy location selector and gave me a full forcast for the selected location. It also was on the panel bar.

Now so far all I have is the gnome 'desklet' GoodWeather and it seems to want you to plug in a location code from What ever it selected on install (GMXX0007) is NOT Detroit, MI (Gnome location). I have gone to and cannot find where to find the location codes to plug in here.

So help me a bit and help me get my simple weather info again (and for multiple locations too).

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