Re: fallback mode panel, keybinding for changing properties

Am 04.12.2011 06:16, schrieb Olav Vitters:
On Sun, Dec 04, 2011 at 12:56:05AM +0100, Michael Schmitt wrote:
I have several machines without a super key, but super+alt+right
mouse button is used to access the context menu on the panel. I've
read in several places for some users it is just alt+right mouse
button, dunno but on Debian it is alt+super+right mouse.
Fallback mode you mean?

Err... is there another "official" name for that? Some say "classic" mode, others "the gnome mode you get when your gfx card / drivers don't support 3D", the one that is announced to be obsolete in the next few releases and will be dropped when Gnome 3.4 (or slightly later) is released...

File a bug with Debian. Requiring Super as well seems excessive. This
might just be a bug (were some keybinding changes in gtk+ lately).

So basically one just can't change the key-combo? Not even with some gsettings / dconf / $EDITOR magic? If requiring super is that excessive, no idea... but apparently I have some boxes that do not have a super-key (older IBM ThinkPad laptops), and if that key-combo is not modifyable it is at least... annoying! :)

Why file a bug in the Debian BTS? Imho if it is not configurable it is a bug in gnome. I am not talking about a gui to change that, a textfile or cli-tool *is* fine. So I don't want to argue if removing so many options is a good idea or not for the majority of users... but at least there should be a non-gui-way (apart from fiddeling with the source) to do such stuff.


P.S.: I consider using setxkbmap to remap another key... but that is a workaround and not a solution, the "bug" remains.

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