Re: Suggestion for Gnome 3 window overview

Open windows go in the dock too. I open windows using the favourites list way more than the overlay windows.

That way you can look at icons rather than the window in the overlay.

On Dec 4, 2011 1:04 AM, "Damián Nohales" <damiannohales gmail com> wrote:
I agree to this, finding a window by the screenshot is so hard also
having a small number of opened windows, for example if I have Nautilus,
Gedit and Google translate on Firefox, all windows are essentially
white. Finding by the title is also very slow. An icon help user to
identify an app faster.


El 02/12/11 20:55, Andrew Wood escribió:
> It would help me to find the right window under 'Activities' if each
> window screenshot also had the apps icon superimposed over its bottom
> left corner.
> Has this been considered?
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