Re: The Apology of GNOME 3 (an analogy to the Apology of Socrates by Plato)

Clearly, the smart man's reaction to GNOME 3. I wish everyone thought that way.

IMO, if there is something wrong with the whole GNOME 3 thing
it is that most distributions dropped GNOME 2 as an option - if the user wants a classic PC interface, he should have it.
I think the same way...

Even if gnome3 is "fantastic", or will be...
there must have an option for the for "old" interface. even if
it is "old"  Microsoft learned the lesson, when drop vista for windows 7
that have almost the same look than the "old"  XP...

We must learn lessons from the others experience, before
trying to learn from our own.

The BSD team offers gnome3 as an option, not as a the ONLY option.


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