Re: "always on top" window button?

On 05.10.2010 16:14, Klistvud wrote:
je Tomasz Chmielewski napisal(a):

How can I add a similar "always on top" window button when using Gnome?

Short of finding a specific utility for that purpose, I don't know of
such a possibility in Gnome. The "always on top" option is available via
the upper-left-corner menu though.

Yep, but that's 3 clicks instead of just one, so if you use this feature a lot, it makes a difference.

Also, when the windows is set to "always on top" there is no way to check if it is set so, other than right-clicking on the window title bar.

In KDE, the "always on top" button would have a different colour/shape if it's set to "on top", so can be visibly distinguished quite easily.

Really no Gnome user ever found such a feature useful? ;)

Tomasz Chmielewski

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