Re: [Usability] Single-click mode for all Gnome apps

Again I say, create the feature, make it optional, and keep everybody happy.

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 9:58 AM, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen gmail com> wrote:
On 16 May 2010 02:46, Frederik Nnaji <frederik nnaji gmail com> wrote:
> has anyone tried simply enabling single clicks in Nautilus?
> for a starters, that sufficed for me.

That is great for Nautilus, but does not affect other Gnome apps such as F-spot.

> i hope i'm not stepping on anybody's face if i mention that we are just
> having an exceptionally lengthy discussion [1] in a "downstream" usability
> related ML on exactly this topic..

Which one? Can you point me to TFA? Thanks.

> the essence i draw out of the discussion that there is inconsistency
> concerning single and double click.. looks like we have ourselves a big fish
> here..
> The clearest reason why we can consider ourselves well on the way to single
> clicking is the difficulty associated with learning and applying double
> click [2] in the mutliple computing environments we use today
> (touch-screens, mobile phones, augmented reality stuff)
> It took me weeks to find out that double click on images would zoom in on my
> touch screen enabled mobile phone.. the two finger gesture was more obvious
> to me from beginning on, since it mimicks a physical interaction from the
> real world, which i can not say of double clicking.
> [1]
> [2]

You mention the usability issues. There are also accessibility issues.
I don't know why Gnome borrowed Redmond's terrible double-click
paradigm, but it seems very entrenched.

Dotan Cohen
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