GVFS shows devices in a bad way


I have GNOME 2.28.3 compiled on top of Slackware-current (as of March the 8th) via the Gnome SlackBuild.
I'm using gvfs 1.5.5 (not the official one in the GSB, but I'm using the same build scripts), built against gudev (from udev 151), and NOT HAL. I don't have HAL installed on that machine.

Gvfs works normally, except that my devices show up with the mount point in Nautilus, for example "sda2", and not the label or the size, as it was in the gvfs compiled against HAL. With an older gvfs compiled against HAL I get proper names, such as "5.6 GB Volume" or "My Data" (that is the label of the device).

Any ideas?

Ivo Georgiev

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