Re: gnome-list Digest, Vol 74, Issue 15

Over the years I have found that clean install is better.
The latest distros generally support upgrading but as you probably know which extra programs you require, I strongly recommend a clean install of the '/' partition. The '/home' partition can remain so that any existing data does remain. The installation is also much quicker if you simply format '/' and then install.

I have been running 09.04, 09.10, and 10.04. My impression of this latest version is that it is very good indeed. I also run, Mandriva 2009.0, 2009.1 and 2010.0 (all PWP versions), and OpenSolaris 2009.06 (Japanese varient). I am presently using Mandriva 2010.1 RC2.

I have also tried the netbook versions but I do much prefer the normal versions.

In the case of Ubuntu the totally free distros do work, including the Wi-Fi. In the case of Mandriva if you use the free versions then you have also to provide the firmware (one file) for the Wi-Fi (Atheros RT 2860)

eee901 (SSD now 68GB, 2GB RAM) with the several distros on the removable 4GB SD card.

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