Re: New member here -- Greetings from Hellas

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 5:02 PM, konstantinos mpariotis
<konmpar gmail com> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> my name is Konstantinos Mpariotis and i am from Thessaloniki, Hellas. I just
> got registered in the Gnome's mailing list as i want to get involved in the
> Gnome's development process.
> So i really need someone to help me finding my way.
> My main interest is software development. From the early analysis using UML
> to high level languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, Python.
> Is there a place where i can list all the remaining, for code, projects, so
> i can start with? Or any other place where should i start first!
> Thank you everyone, i hope for the best cooperation....

Hi Konstantinos,

Welcome to GNOME!

The core component to GNOME is the gtk+ library,
When you program in GNOME, you use the GTK+ library and make use
of the features that the GNOME Desktop offers (such as notification
messages, etc).
GTK+ is written in C, so you can program in either C or any of the
supported language binding available.
The languages that you mention above are all supported with GTK+.
If you are happy with C, I would recommend to use C, which would help
if you want to debug something in the gtk+ library.

You can find tutorials on learning gtk+ at the tutorial section, at
Set up your build environment (favorite text editor, compiler,
development libraries)
and compile the hello world applications.

GNOME uses the git version control system. If you want to grab the
source code of a GNOME program, you can
git clone git://   to get the source code of 'zenity'.
Find all programs at

The GNOME wiki is with lots of info.

The gtk+ development mailing list is 'gtk-devel' which covers gtk+
development issues.
This list is mostly a catch-all of general discussion about GNOME,
answering questions
such as this one.

There is also (check out the mailing list!).

Hope this helps,

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