Re: Unicode character entry

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 5:56 AM, Joe Smith <jes martnet com> wrote:
> On 05/31/2010 07:36 PM, Simos Xenitellis wrote:
>> The purpose of IBus is to accommodate special scripts with complex
>> writing rules, ...
>>> I guess I should have thought to hunt up the ibus list as well--duh!
>> It would be great if you can ask the list, in an effort to lead to a
>> bug report on RedHat's bugzilla. Input methods are a geeky, so if it
>> doesn't get registered in bugzilla, it will probably be forgotten for
>> a long time.
> Thanks for the feedback--good information.
> I looked at the ibus project pages ( but it
> didn't seem like quite the place to bring this up.
> Since Fedora is in the middle of all the players, and I already have a
> bugzilla login, I just went ahead and filed a whine^Wbug with them:
> At least someone should see it who knows what the story is. Hopefully
> something useful comes of it.

Thanks for the bug report. There is a filing change for the report;
could you please change the product from 'gtk2' to 'ibus'?
This should get the wheels in motion by notifying the IBus developer.

In terms of programming work, what's missing is that when the user has
enabled IBus keyboard layouts, IBus should provide by default the
Ctrl+Shift+U functionality.
In other words, when IBus is in charge, IBus should provide a global
Ctrl+Shift+U functionality, irrespective of the selected IBus keyboard


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