Re: Gnome/Gtk-2.0 BLING! (list of surprisingly cool themes)

On 26/02/10 23:00, David C. Rankin wrote:
> Listmates,
> 	I can believe I forgot to send this to the gnome list... I stumbled
> across some absolutely killer gtk-2.0 & metacity themes that caught my eye.
> If you use gnome, Xfce, etc.., give them a try and I guarantee you, you will
> be blown away.  They are available at gnome-look or sites or
> by googling the theme name. Most also come with an emerald theme as well as
> part of the package. Here is the short list:


Thanks for that list.  Even though I didn't end up running any of the themes
you listed, it did send me in the direction of elementary

A somewhat related question: does GDM 2.28 have support for themes?

I've found instructions for modifying settings, and GTK theme, for GDM[1].  It
doesn't mention anything about GDM themes though.



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