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firstly sorry for top posting, but if chad is using orca or a similar screen reader it will work better for him. jarek, chad is visually impared, meaning his eyesight isn't too good, this does not mean he wants to install linux in windows with wubi ;-)

chad i believe that the best option for yourself is vinux, which is a modified version of ubuntu for visually impared people. you can download vibuntu from this link here

while i have not used this version i'm sure i can help you out if you come accross any problems installing or running vinux.

hopefully you will be up and running linux soon

best regards

On 24/02/10 13:00, JarekVB wrote:
Hi Chad

I think what you may be looking is something like WUBI installer. It
will allow you to install Ubuntu from within windows.
Try that.

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Hi I downloaded linux mint 7 and can't instructions to install I'm
visually impaired. Does it come with orca? thanks

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