Primary Output Scaling in Multihead setup


   My issue is that when I dock my laptop it takes the CRT display (17" 1440x900) as primary
instead of the DVI screen (27" 1920x1200), and scales all fonts and icons accordingly.  And more
recently also puts the top and bottom panels on the CRT output.

   I have experimented with Xorg configuration forcing  DVI and LVDS as 'Primary' with no result except that GDM will use different outputs

  My current work around is to unplug the VGA cable from the CRT,  startup, then re-plug
and use an xrand front end to setup the smaller display.  (However, this does not solve
the panels moving away towards the CRT output)

  So my questions are ...  how do "force" the DVI screen to be the primary output device;
or how do I get the panels and scaling to stay with the DVI screen.

My setup is
X.Org X Server 1.7.4
Gnome 2.28
Compiz 0.8.2
Fedora 12
Dell Latitude 830i (intel GM965), with docking station

Any hints and pointers welcome ....

Best Regards,

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