Evolution fails to retain passwords at logon

On my partner's Debian Lenny computer, running Evolution on KDE (but all Gnome libraries are installed and up-to-date), Evolution is not remembering passwords. Each time she logs in and goes to use Evolution, it requests her email (pop and smtp) passwords, even though the "remember passwords" box is ticked both on the request dialog box as well as under the options. For whatever reason the passwords just aren't being stored.

In trying to fix this, after Googling I came across a few bug reports about this (but no solutions, nor any updates, patches, etc.) and no clear indication of useful steps to take. In desperation I uninstalled and purged Evolution and reinstalled it, but the same old problem again. I am reluctant to install Evolution from testing/ "squeeze" because of dependency issues and am, at this point, beginning to counsel her to switch clients to something like Sylpheed or Icedove/ Thunderbird.

So, this is a last gasp of help before I deep-six the sucker and install an application that doesn't trip over something as basic as remembering passwords.

Your advice and help would be very much appreciated.



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