Re: about 'gnome-settings-daemon'.

On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 3:47 PM, waterloo <waterloo2005 gmail com> wrote:
> I use gnome 2.30.2 in gentoo.
> When I open keyboard shortkey settings, It gives me below message:
>> Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'. Without the
>> GNOME settings manager running, some preferences may not take effect. This
>> could indicate a problem with DBus, or a non-GNOME(e.g. KDE) settings
>> manager may already be active and conflicting with the GNOME settings
>> manager.
> I have installed 'gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon' and choose
> 'gnome-settings-daemon' in Startup Application.
> I have tried adding ' eval `dbus-launch --exit-with-session --sh-syntax` '
> in ~/.xinitrc and ~/.xsession .
> Both failed.
> I use GDM to login in GNOME.
> What is the matter ?
> Thanks a lot!

Could You please post Your "/etc/group"?

Dmitrij D. Czarkoff

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