need help for rawfilles in Nautilus


i buy a new p.c. and had install Ubuntu 10,04 LST Lucid Linx (64bit) (Gnome 2.30.2., Natilus 2.30.1.). The pictogram of mine rawfilles stay black when i open Nautilus. Nautilus do not recognize the photonegatief (rawfille .orf) to make a picturepictogram. Mine old p.c. had Ubuntu 9,10 Karmic Koala (Gnome 2.28.1 Nautilus 2.28.1) and there Nautilus recognize the rawfile (.orf) and make a picturepictogram. I compare the progams en libs of the two p.c. and instal the same on bold p.c. but nothing help.

Greatings Dominique

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