Re: Where are the GUADEC recorded videos? ; jor

On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 09:45:23PM -0700, giovanni_re wrote:
> Suggestions:
> They should be front page top dead center here.  You don't want to make
> these not easy to find.

They're not available yet. We had the streams on the frontpage, but
conference is over so the webmaster removed them.

> Furthermore, someone should also tell that webmaster that top dead
> center, in LARGE font, should be a link to here:

Purpose? There already is a 'conference' link at the top.

> Without that link, the current site looks like the 2010 conference site,
> & doesn't include a link to the videos.
> ==
> Where is Stormy Peter's talk?  The director of the entire project, the
> annual conference, & no video recording of the #1 most important talk? 
> Doesn't do much good in getting that info to people all around the
> world.  
> Can that be fixed, ASAP?

She's director of the GNOME foundation. We're not a company. Her talk
isn't that interesting for overall GNOME. AGM talk is about the overall
state of GNOME, way more interesting. Further, the talk was recorded &

> ==
> & where is stormy peters email address?  No posts to this list., contact, information about the gnome foundation

> Is there a more active gnome list I missed?  

A mailing list has a specific topic. There are various very active

> Didn't find the gnome board of directors page in 5+ clicks from

What page?

Anyway, we have a specific list for called
guadec-web-list. If you send your suggestions there the webmaster will
see it.
For we have gnome-web-list.


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