Re: Feature request for Empathy: aMSN style login

Well, an alternative is to give a dropdown control to select the network (protocol), but the main idea is to present directly a login window.

Empathy is technically betther than aMSN, but aMSN is better to be presented to casual people in public computers.


En/na Karl Goetz ha escrit:
On Sun, 04 Apr 2010 21:04:38 +0200
Narcis Garcia - GiLUG <informatica actiu net> wrote:

I'm installing Instant Messengers in cibercafes, and there is a lot

Hope you disable the 'save login' button then :)

of problems around this kind of software with the common users: the different usability as propietary software for MSWindows.

Could have Empathy an option/plugin/skin to show as first and single window, a simple login form for the [Email] and [Password], and
detect by the domain name (@hotmail, @yahoo, etc.) the protocol to be

Although its a corner case, it is possible to use @yahoo email addys
for msn.


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