Newbie: help with multi-user/screens

I am your basic Gnome user - although I do use kde for one specific machine that runs only kde apps.

I have a system (F12) with an nVidia display card that has two VGA ports (one connected to a monitor), and an S-Video port that is connected to a TV. I also have attached to it the standard PS2 kbd and mouse, as well as a USB (wireless) kdb and mouse. So much for the basics.

What I would like to do is, simply put, have one user on the VGA with the PS2 kdb/mouse, and another user on the TV with the USB keyboard and mouse, each with their own session.

I have gone through many different setups by changing xorg.conf, and using nVidia's TwinView feature. With the latter, I could get a clone on both monitors, but I had to settle for the TV's lower resolution. And it also was only a clone, not separate logins/sessions.

I could also get a second X server started on the TV, but 1) it would not run concurrently with the first server on my monitor, and 2) it had no window manager.

So is what I want possible - two concurrent gdm's on separate i/o's?

I have tried the fedora forums, but no one can really answer that question.

Any help/pointers greatly appreciated.



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