[file-roller]A question about remote file access

Hi Paolo Bacchilega and hi guys:

I couldn't find a file-roller-list, so I just post to gnome-list and
cc to Paolo.
Excuse me if I've post it the wrong  place.

As I switched file-roller from  2.26 to 2.28,I found out that
file-roller no longer
works with remote files,So I checked out the source code and notice
that  file-roller
will not copy remote files to a local folder, but  instead use gvfs
directly[1].This will not
work to those like me who do not use gvfs-fuse.what benefit do we get
to use gvfs directly?

[1] http://git.gnome.org/cgit/file-roller/commit/?id=73fa5d77a60861cd35c6f3425d27c88061af081c


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