Re: Gnome Terminal profile scripts

Dick Marinus wrote:
Hi all,

I'd like to publish two Python scripts I've written to enhance the
usability of gnome-terminal. These scripts allow you to create a pull
down menu in the gnome-panel with gnome-terminal sessions.

- adds all the defined Gnome Terminal sessions to
the Gnome menu.

- creates a new Gnome Terminal session to
start a SSH connection to the supplied parameter. ie: creates a new session
which connects to

The new gnome menu (directory) can be added to the gnome-panel to allow
quick connect by choosing "add to panel", "copy launcher from menu",
click "gnome-terminal" and press Add.

Please let me know if you found this usefull.
Hi Dick,

I have put those 2 scripts into my ~/bin directory and made them executable, but still after following your instructions to put them in the panel (or if I execute them manually), nothing is happening, what do you think I could have possibly missed.



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