Re: gnome-list Digest, Vol 61, Issue 7 item 1

Mandriva 2009.1 (spring), Gnome 2.26.1, Video Card Nvidia GForce2 MX400.
Under Gnome Control Center > Display it shows a large red square with
'unknown' in the center. IIR in 2009.0 my monitor, Acer P221W was shown
as the monitor type. Clicking 'detect monitors' does nothing. Or am I
just imagining this was the case in the previous release?


The problem here is that the monitor is not correctly set The monitor is 1600 x 1080. Start Mandriva in safe mode and at the # prompt type drakconf and you will now have the ability to set the resolution, I suggest low 1024x 768 and it should now come to life when you boot normally. I have had problems with Acer monitors not being auto-detected and have found that they do need to be set up manually. Using drakconf in safe mode on Mandriva is the best way to get going. Once you have display you can then use the control centre in the normal way.

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