Re: Why second panel is needed?

On 29 Mar 2009, at 18:17, Александр Бежашвили wrote:

*GNOME Panel doesn’t give possibility to find necessary application and
don't be misled in menu lists.*

*These 3 menu items grow up, but work with system is more and more harder
with them.*

*Users don’t have easy possibility get what they want, and what they really

Button of fast access to often used applications and directories will be
more easy-to-use.

Common user rare add applets to second panel. And others do it only because
they wanted that this panel would be wanted.

And what common user know difference Administration applications from
Preferences in System menu.

These would make good hypotheses for a usability study... but without any data to prove them, they're really just opinions. And everyone has a lot of those :)

Fortunately, the guys working on the new GNOME shell are throwing away the current panel ideas, and re-thinking the whole desktop model from the ground up. You might want to read:

and join the discussion over at:

*Miguel de Icaza uses openSUSE with Windows-like menu.*

/me bites tongue :)


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