Re: accessing gnome file manager in order to write to media partition

Allen Meyers wrote:
Allow me to preface this help post with the admission that I am endeavoring to overcome my point and click mentality from windows, but I am challenged and trying to learn gnome. I understand that I must get to the folders that hold the media partition and I do that by firing up gnome file manager as one option. Please take me by the hand treat me like a child and tell me how to open gnome file manager. By the way I am 77 and part of my challenge lies there. Thank you awaiting your input

Hi Allen,

Gnome file manager is Nautilus, it is integrated into the Desktop; so if you open up, by double clicking, your home folder(the one with your name in it), this is using the Gnome file manager.

It has been deliberately made simplistic to operate, each folder has its own window.

But if you would prefer the Explorer style file manager, then you have to change the default preferences. This is done in the "System|Preferences" menu. In "System|Preferences|File Management" menu item, select the behaviour TAB, then check the "Always open in browser windows" checkbox, close the File Management dialog and it will all work the way you are used to.



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