SegFault caused by Glice g_slice_alloc()

Hi, Guys

I'v encountered a problem in glib 2.16.3.

I have called _g_slice_thread_init_nomessage() through
g_thread_init() and all initialization successful. But when
I called g_slice_alloc() later I found the address of
global variable allocator and sys_page_size changed.

Because of that, the allocator_categorize() was called in g_slice_alloc() and allocator was initialized again but with
the member magazine_mutex left to NULL.

g_slice_alloc() will call thread_memory_magazine1_reload() in
some circumstance. This will try to lock the magazine_mutex and
will definitely lead to an "Segmentation Fault".

Could anybody familiar with Gslice help me?



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