Passthrough-printing in gnome-terminal


I've been looking around for an answer to this feature -- in a few cases I found a user who asked this question but who had his answers closed out on him rather than being taken as a bug report (or a feature request).

As I've got some English skills, I'll pose it.

I'd like to get passthrough-printing working in Gnome-terminal. I'm using whatever version of Gnome is installed in the latest as of this time (11/13/2008) version of Ubuntu (which includes GNOME Terminal

For those unaware, Passthrough Printing is a neat ability of terminal emulation applications to send a "printer on" and "printer off" ANSI escape code. It's found in most terminal emulators, up to and including Putty, SecureCRT, VtyNet, as well I believe as "xterm" and a few others.

I'm more than willing to help contribute my experience getting this to work on other platforms.

If there's an alternate terminal app I could be using, please let me know what it is. Xterm just isn't configurable enough and resizable enough (I can resize an xterm but I can't tweak the other options easily, such as font size or colors) to work for me.

This is probably a fairly easy feature to add, for what it's worth...just buffer when you see those escape codes, and chunk it to a print dialog.

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