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Subject: GNOME Invest 2.22.2 Applet Problem
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I am posting this to both gnome-list and ubuntu-users. It most likely should be only the gnome-list...

I recently moved my home directory from one partition to another; after some difficulty I was able to get it completed. As a part of the move my panel applets were not able to be included due to some technical difficulties. I have been able to get them all back the way I want them with the exception of the Invest 2.22.2 applet. When I added it, the only thing that will appear is the applet icon on the panel and the pull down list(button 2). I was able to set some ticker symbols using the preferences pull down. They are present when I look at preferences again. However, when I click(button 1) on the icon the only thing i get is a very small dot under the panel bar, no list of my stocks. How should I proceed...



After reviewing the source and discovering that the applet could be invoked in it's own window for debugging, I was able to determine that the ticker symbols must be entered in UPPERCASE. To do so, click button 2 just to the right of the applet area and a drop down window will appear, click on preferences. A window will appear click Add and an entry for GOOG will appear . Now click on GOOG and change the symbol, next press enter. The new symbol you entered should be there. You may also update the other items in the line (shares, amount, commission) in the same manner. After you enter all the symbols and information you want click close. (Note: you may also delete entries by clicking Remove)



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