GNOME Invest 2.22.2 Applet Problem


I am posting this to both gnome-list and ubuntu-users. It most likely should be only the gnome-list...

I recently moved my home directory from one partition to another; after some difficulty I was able to get it completed. As a part of the move my panel applets were not able to be included due to some technical difficulties. I have been able to get them all back the way I want them with the exception of the Invest 2.22.2 applet. When I added it, the only thing that will appear is the applet icon on the panel and the pull down list(button 2). I was able to set some ticker symbols using the preferences pull down. They are present when I look at preferences again. However, when I click(button 1) on the icon the only thing i get is a very small dot under the panel bar, no list of my stocks. How should I proceed...



Jay Ridgley
jridgley2 austin rr com
Registered Linux User ID - 9115

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